People with disabilities are capable of producing and enjoying theatre on many occasions, if given the necessary platform to do so. Art in general and theatre in particular, can be very useful for them. In the Western Balkans, there is very little theatre activity that specializes in or talks about people with disabilities. This situation resulted in the Enabled Theatre Project, which is a consortium of experienced cultural organisations, with the aim of establishing and nurturing theatre for and about people with disabilities. The Project also enables the mobility of people with disabilities and their caregivers. The Project will bring together people with disabilities, medical and other professionals who work with people with disabilities (psychologists, therapists, pedagogues and others) and professional artists (actors, musicians, visual artists, writers and directors). Project activities will be held in Budva, Montenegro; Novi Sad, Serbia; Zagreb, Croatia; and Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Participants will be people with disabilities, their companions and professional artists. They will participate in a series of workshops together.

In this way, The Project will be useful in the field of working with people with disabilities as well as for professional arts. While much is said about inclusivity in the arts in the Western Balkans, very little is being done in this regard.

Professional arts rarely consider people with disabilities as the subject or characters of plays and films.

The Project will thus be a trailblazer in achieving greater inclusivity in the arts of the Western Balkans and the EU and will also lay the foundation for the first regional Balkan Centre for People with Disabilities.

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