Announcement of premiere in Novi Sad

After two years of working on the Project, East West Center Sarajevo is pleased to announce the premiere of the play “Svijet mogućnosti/Enabled Theatre” on Saturday, April 6, at 19.30 hrs on the “Pera Dobrinović” stage in the Serbian National Theatre (SNP) Novi Sad.

The play “Svijet mogućnosti/Enabled Theatre” written and directed by Haris Pašović, is a regional artistic project and a co-production of the Serbian National Theatre, East West Center, the Festival Grad Teatar and the Tala Dance Centre and as such, unites four cities: Sarajevo, Novi Sad, Budva, Zagreb and in them the schools and institutions that work with persons with disabilities and developmental difficulties.

The play deals with the lives of children and people with autism and cerebral palsy, but also the lives of their family members, and the institutions that are part of their lives, their everyday life. In this regard, the preparations required cooperation with institutions such as ŠOSO Milan Petrović from Novi Sad, JU Day Centre for Children and Youth with Disabilities and Developmental Difficulties “Biseri” from Budva, Institution for Social Care, Health Care, and Education Pazarić and JU Institute for Special Education and Upbringing of Children “Mjedenica” from Sarajevo.

In addition to the author and director, Haris Pašović, who was also in charge of costume design together with Minja Davidović, the artistic team also comprises scenographer Ivana Jančić, composer Dino Šukalo, while dr. Dejan Sredojević was responsible for the stage speech and Larisa Lipovac Navojec for the choreography.

The play features Gordana Đurđević Dimić, Lidija Stevanović, Sanja Ristic Krajnov, Jelena Antonijević, Mina Pavlica, Marija Feldeši, Milan Kovačević, Marko Savković, Vukašin Ranđelović, Aljoša Đidić, Aleksandar Sarapa and Rade Perović.

The play “Svijet mogućnosti/Enabled Theatre” is created in partnership with the East West Center Sarajevo, the Festival Grad teatar Budva, TALA Dance Centre Zagreb and the Serbian National Theatre from Novi Sad and is co-funded by the EU through the Creative Europe Programme.

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