Slavica Marković visits Enabled Theatre ensemble

Slavica Marković, the former director of ŠOSO “Milan Petrović” from Novi Sad, visited the ensemble of the play “Enabled Theatre” at the Serbian National Theatre.

“Slavica Marković, special education teacher, has been a leading expert in improving the lives of people with developmental disabilities for over forty years. Her contribution to Novi Sad, Serbia and the former Yugoslavia is immeasurably great. This impressive, fascinating woman visited us at the rehearsal for the play Enabled Theatre at the Serbian National Theatre. The School and Day care centre “Milan Petrović”, which Slavica Marković raised to a high European level of social protection, is our partner in this inspiring project. We were also guests at an event recently held by the students of this school and our actors Milan Kovačević and Aljosa Đidić participated in their programme,” said director Haris Pašović.


The Project “Enabled Theatre” is a partnership of East West Center Sarajevo, the Festival Grad teatar Budva, TALA Dance Centre Zagreb and the Serbian National Theatre from Novi Sad and is co-funded by the EU through the programme Creative Europe.

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