Enabled Theatre: Visit and workshop at Mjedenica

Members of the Enabled Theatre Project team, led by Director of East West Center Sarajevo Haris Pašović, visited the Public Institution for Special Education and Upbringing Mjedenica on December 2, 2023.


The Project team also comprised members of the acting ensemble of the Serbian National Theatre (SNP) Lidija Stevanović, Gordana Đurđević-Dimić, Jelena Antonijević, Sanja Ristić-Krajnov, Aljoša Đidić, Marko Savković, Aca Lazin, Aleksandar Sarapa and Vukašin Ranđelović, scenographer Andreja Rondović and friends of the Project, Assistant Director of ŠOSO Milan Petrović Novi Sad Svetlana Bašević, school psychologist at ŠOSO Milan Petrović Maja Kukobat and Director of the JU Day Centre for Children and Youth with Difficulties and Disabilities Biseri from Budva, Miljana Radoman.

Zumreta Jeina, Director of the Public Institution Mjedenica, welcomed the members of the Project team and introduced them to the work methodology of this significant institution.

Members of the Project team then held a workshop with pupils as well as conversations with parents, who shared their experiences about the daily challenges they face in exercising their rights and the lack of understanding in the wider community.

The Institution for Special Education and Upbringing in Mjedenica is an educational institution that was founded in 1947. The mission of the Institution is to ensure the most adequate professional multidisciplinary support for children with developmental disabilities and their parents and to improve their position in society. Within its structure, the Institution consists of five sectors: Kindergarten Sunce u Mjedenici, Primary school, Boarding School, Extended Stay Facility and workshops for work occupation.

The visit to Institution Mjedenica organized during the 5th Sarajevo Fest, is part of the international theatre project Enabled Theatre produced by East West Center Sarajevo, the Serbian National Theatre Novi Sad, Festival Grad teatra Budva and Dance Centre Tala from Zagreb, whose premiere performance is expected in April 2024 at the Serbian National Theatre in Novi Sad, then at the 6th Sarajevo Fest, in Zagreb and as part of the Festival Grad teatra programme in Budva.

The Project Enabled Theatre is a regional art project that aims for greater inclusion in art in the Western Balkans, and is supported by Creative Europe.


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