Third day of workshops and talks with parents in Budva

Members of the “Enabled Theatre” Project production team led by  director of East West Centre Sarajevo HarisPašović and Project Coordinator of the “Grad Teatar” Festival Aleksandra Maslovar on Friday, April 7, held a third workshop with beneficiaries and employees of the “Day Centre for Children and Adolescents with Disabilities “Biseri” in Budva.

Actors of the Serbian National Theatre worked with the beneficiaries in small groups and individually.

Members of the Project them talked with Biljana Jerković and Olga Kapičić, parents of children with disabilities.

Mrs. Jerković, who is a member of the Board of Directors of JU “Biseri”, introduced the members of the Project team to the circumstances of the birth and daily life with her daughter Anđela, a twenty-year-old who suffers from a severe form of autism. Mrs. Jerković, among other things, underlined the feeling of social stigmatization that children with developmental disabilities and their families carry.

Members of the Project team also spoke with Mrs. Olga Kapičić, mother of Uroš, a beneficiary of the Centre. Mrs. Kapičić informed the members of the Project team about the long and arduous process that eventually led to the diagnosis of autism in her first-born son. She especially emphasized the problems in primary education, since then the process of inclusion had just begun at the time for which the educational institutions were not prepared .

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