Second day of workshops in Budva

Members of the “Enabled Theatre” Project production team led by director Haris Pašović and Project Coordinator of the “Grad Teatar” Festival Aleksandra Maslovar on Thursday, April 6, held the second in a series of workshops with the beneficiaries of the “Day Centre for Children and Adolescents with Disabilities “Biseri” in Budva.

Members of the Project team spoke with Milena Kolinović, the mother of eight-year-old girl Lara, who suffers from a severe form of cerebral palsy caused by complications during childbirth. Lara is one hundred percent disabled, she is blind, non-verbal and suffers from epilepsy. She is sensitive to bacteria and viruses and thus, cannot stay at the Day Care Centre. Because of all of the above, Lara requires constant maternal care. Milena has a master’s degree in communications and is employed in the Municipality. In her free time, she designs jewellery and accessories.

Members of the acting ensemble of the Serbian National Theatre worked individually and in smaller groups with Day Centre beneficiaries Mila, Vuk, Nikola and Viktor and with wholehearted help from Day Centre employees, Jovana Joksimović, teacher, Tatjana Kažanegro, nurse, Mila Hajster, caregiver, SanjaRakić, physiotherapist, Ana Božović, psychologist and Kata Pribilović, caregiver.

At the end of today’s working day, the Project team members held a meeting with the director of the Day Centre, special education teacher MiljanaRadoman.





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