Enabled Theatre: Project activities continue in Budva

Members of the “Enabled Theatre” Project production team led by Director of the “Grad teatar” Festival Milena Lubarda-Marojević, director Haris Pašović and Project Coordinator of the “Grad Teatar” Festival Aleksandra Maslovar, visited the Public Institution Day Centre for children and adolescents with disabilities “Biseri” on Wednesday, April 5, which officially marked the launch of workshops in Budva.

The Project team also comprised assistant director Jelena Antonijević and members of the acting ensemble of the Serbian National Theatre, Gordana Đurđević-Dimić, Mina Pavlica, Marija Feldeši and Aljoša Đidić.


The director of the Day Care Centre “Biseri” Ms. Miljana Radoman, who is a special education teacher by profession, welcomed the participants and expressed her great satisfaction for cooperation on the Project. Director Radoman, Jovana Joksimović, social worker, Sanja Rakić, physiotherapist and Ana Božović, psychologist informed the participants about the working methodology of the Day Centre, the beneficiaries of the Centre and the problems they are facing.

Afterwards, members of the Project team toured the Day Care Centre and met the children and employees. There are currently twenty-five beneficiaries in the Day Care Centre, ages four to twenty-seven.

Director Radoman pointed out that the development of the Centre for beneficiaries aged twenty-seven to forty-five is already in prpogress and that the adaptation of the premises will be completed before summer.

Beneficiaries of the Day Centre spend their time in spacious and beautifully decorated rooms where they have a clearly defined structure each day. Individual and expert approach is provided for each beneficiary and the main objectives are helping their them become independent and be socially  included.


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