Working in groups and acting improvisations with students of ŠOSO “Milan Petrović”

On Wednesday, March 22 members of the Project team again visited ŠOSO “Milan Petrović” in Novi Sad, where the actors and actresses of the Serbian National Theatre (SNP) worked in groups with students in the Blue Hall.

Members of the SNP acting ensemble then held acting improvisations with the students of the institution under the leadership of director Haris Pašović. On the occasion, the students demonstrated a fantastic talent for improvisation and a great sense of humor.

At the end of today, the actresses, actors and director Pašović talked with the Deputy Director of ŠOSO “Milan Petrović”, psychologist Svetlana Bašević, school psychologist Maja Kukobat and Coordinator of the Day Care and Work Centre, Jovan Marković, about the modalities of working with the beneficiaries of the institution in the process of creating play within the “Enabled Theatre”

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